Teaching Large Classes


Teaching a large class can be daunting. Gazing out at a sea of faces, you may wonder how you can possibly reach each student. After all, you can't maintain eye contact or physical proximity with all of your students. Moreover, if the class fills a lecture hall, you can't see whether students are emailing, texting, or even sleeping in class. Even if the students are paying attention, it may seem impossible to find enough time for every student to participate. However, your situation is not as hopeless as it seems. In fact, using some of the strategies and tips described below, you will discover that you can engage classes with even 100, 200, or 300 students in active learning.


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Strategies and Tips

Engaging Students' Interest (PPT)


Engaging Students Interest (PPT) download

Promoting Active Learning (PPT)


Promoting Active Learning (PPT) download

Flipping the Classroom

Stimulating Class Discussion

Managing Logistics Efficiently


Working with TAs