Writing Samples

Not sure what your professor wants? ASK!  However, the following writing samples may help clear up some of your confusion.  You should also find useful the links to step-by-step instructions.  Remember that these are generic examples and instructions that don't take into account the specifics of your professor's assignment.

Journal Writing

Scientific Writing

  • Scientific Journal

Bibliographic Writing

 Writing about Literature and the Fine Arts

Medical Writing

  • Physician Diagnoses
    • How to
    • Sample
  • Nursing Diagnoses
    • How to
    • Sample
  • Nursing Care Plan

Legal Writing



Business Writing

Technical Writing

  • Instructions
  • Feasibility Study
    • How to
    • Sample
  • Design Report
    • How to
    • Sample

News Writing

Essay Exams

o   How to

o   How to

o   Sample

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