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Do you need help?  Click on the menu above to find plenty of resources to help you write more effectively.  But don't forget to check out the tutorial services listed below.

Tutorial Services

  The H.U. Writing Center
  The H.U. Center for Academic Reinforcement
  Grammar Hotlines
  HU Online Writing Center

The Writing Center

ONLINE: All WAC and "Writing Matters" students at HU are invited to enroll in the English department's online writing center; click here to find out how to enroll.

ON CAMPUS: Locke Hall (Room 100)

Click here to schedule an appointment.

If you are enrolled in an English, WAC, or "Writing Matters" course, you may visit the English Department’s Writing Center in Locke Hall (Room 100)—with or without a referral. At the Center you will find tutors and software to help you with a variety of problems—from lack of organization to lack of subject-verb agreement.  The tutors can do the following:

  • identify your writing problems
  • teach you how to solve those problems
  • evaluate your progress

For more information, call (202) 806-6349.

Are you vexed by a grammar question?  Try a grammar hotline.  Click here to access a directory of grammar hotlines across the country.

If you can't meet with a tutor on campus, you can email a specific question to one of the cybertutors at the Purdue On-Line Writing Lab or Open Study

NOTICE: All WAC and "Writing Matters" students at HU are invited to enroll in the English department's online writing center.  

Click here to visit The Writing Center's official referral webpage.

How to Enroll in the Online Writing Center 

 Click the BLACKBOARD link on Howard's homepage. 


Type your  USERNAME and PASSWORD then click on the LOGIN button and follow the login instructions. 


Click the Community tab. 




Type "Writing Center" in the text box and then click GO. 


Click the DOUBLE ARROW button then click on ENROLL. 


Click SUBMIT. 


Click OK.

You have successfully enrolled.


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