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Are you wondering whether you should try WAC?  Or are you committed to WAC but unsure of how to handle the paper load?  Or perhaps you're still asking yourself, "What is WAC?  What does 'write to learn' mean?  What counts as a revision?"    You can find answers to these and other questions at the following sites:

Colorado State's An Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum
George Mason University's Teaching with Writing

Frequently Asked Questions
About WAC Requirements at Howard

  Q1.   How can my course fulfill the third writing requirement?

A.  Take the WAC Certification seminar or workshops WC01, WC02, and WC03; then compose a WAC syllabus that meets the approval of the WAC Committee.  Click here for details.

  Q2.  Can any course become a WAC course?

A.  You can use one or more WAC methods to teach virtually any course, regardless of size or subject matter.  However, to fulfill the third writing requirement, the course must meet the following criteria:

  • The course must  be an undergraduate class (although graduate students are welcome).

  • The course must be worth 3 or more credits.

  • The class size cannot exceed 20.

  • The students must have passed Freshman English 002 and 003.

Keep in mind that all sections of a course do not have to be designated as WAC.  Also, a course does not have to be designated as WAC every time it is offered. 

  Q3.   How do I schedule a WAC course?

A.  Once you are certified, if you want your course to fulfill the third writing requirement, consult with your chair and then email Dr. Redd at for a 700-level number.  Remember that your chair must submit the course schedule form to the Registrar before registration begins for the upcoming semester. 


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