Peer Review
Are you interested in setting up peer review groups or improving your peer review process?  Then see the strategies and activities in Bedford St. Martin's "Strategies for Teaching with Online Tools" and Colorado State's "How Can I Get the Most out of Peer Review?"  Remember that research shows that peer review proves most effective when you provide students with explicit review guidelines.   Check the sample guidelines below or learn how to create your own.
1.  What is the main point of the essay?



2.  Do the details show this point clearly?  If not, which points need support?



3.  Does the essay leave you with unanswered questions?  If so, which questions?



4.  What are the strengths of this essay?



5.  Are there any mechanical problems that hinder your reading?  If so, what types of problems (e.g., spelling, subject-verb agreement, wordiness)?




*adapted from Margot Soven's Write to Learn: A Manual for Faculty, 2nd ed., Philadelphia: La Salle University, 1991, 13..

Note: Do not make any marks on the essay.

  1. Comprehensibility
    1. Is the essay as a whole hard to follow? If so, why?
    2. (Unclear focus? Lack of organization? Rambling? Missing links? Undefined terms or concepts? Illegible handwriting?)
    3. Do the spelling or grammatical errors make some words or sentences difficult to understand?
   II.    Persuasiveness
    1. What is the writer trying to prove? (Copy what appears to be the thesis statement.)Does the writer provide supporting evidence—factual details, incidents, statements by eyewitnesses or authorities? List three of the most convincing examples. (Do not list generalizations.)Are you convinced? Why or why not?
    2. If this were a final draft, would the spelling and grammatical errors lower your opinion of the writer’s ability?
   III.   Intellectual Value

          What did you learn from this essay about the topic or about writing an essay?


    IV.  Aesthetic Value

Did you enjoy reading this essay? Because of the ideas? Because of the language?



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