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Do you need a diagnostic exam to identify students' writing problems at the beginning of the term?   Do you need a checklist to facilitate peer review, to help students evaluate their own writing, to refer students to the Writing Center, or to streamline your marking process?  Or would you like to give students tips on writing summaries, proofreading better, or avoiding sexist language?  If so, click on the menu above to print handouts on these AND OTHER topics. 

If you have a handout that you're willing to share with the WAC faculty, send it to Dr. Redd in the Department of English or e-mail it to .

Links to Online Handouts

Are you looking for a handout explaining the uses of the passive vs. the active voice?    What about an explanation of a vs. the for international students?  Or maybe just a quick review of subject-verb agreement?  Many writing centers across the country offer handouts that you are allowed to print and duplicate for your classes.  Check out some of these sites!

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