Student FAQs

Are you confused about the WAC courses listed in the Directory of Classes?   Are you trying to decide how to fulfill the third writing requirement?  Or do you have questions about credits and grades?  If so, click on any of the FAQs listed below.

  1. Q.  How can I tell whether a course fulfills the third writing requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences or the Division of Allied Health?

    A. WAC courses that fulfill the third writing requirement begin with a 700-level number and bear a "-WRTG" suffix.  If you prefer to take a course in the English Department, check the list of qualifying English courses under "General Education Requirements" in the Directory of Classes.

  2. Q.  Which WAC courses can I take next semester?

    A.  To view the latest offerings, check the Writing Across the Curriculum Special Notice in the Directory of Classes, on the "Academics" page of Bison Web, or on this website.
  3. Q. Can I repeat a course if the number has changed to a 700-level number?

    A.  No.  Although the pedagogy may differ, the content will be essentially the same.

  4. Q.  Can I take Freshman English 003 at the same time that I take a WAC course?

    A.  No.  A WAC course fulfills the writing requirement beyond Freshman English 003.  Therefore, you need 003 skills in order to excel in a WAC course.

  5. Q.  Will a WAC course still fulfill the university, divisional, or departmental requirements that the original course did?

    A.  Yes.
  6. Q  Does a WAC course carry extra credits since it's writing-intensive?

    A.  No, it carries the same number of credits that the non-WAC version would.  However, it can save you time and money since you can fulfill the third writing requirement without enrolling in another English course if you are taking a WAC course that you wanted or needed to take anyway.
  7. Q.  Why should I take a WAC course instead of an English course to fulfill the third writing requirement?

    A. Both English and WAC courses will teach you how to write more effectively.  However, a WAC course in your major can show you how to write like professionals in your field.  For example, in a WAC biology course, you can learn how to write like a biologist.  At the same time, the WAC assignments can help you read and think more carefully about the subject you are studying.

  8. Q.  How much of my grade depends upon my writing performance?

    A.  The percentage varies.  However, you cannot excel without writing well.  In other words, simply knowing the correct answer won't earn you an "A."  Since WAC course fulfills the third writing requirement, you must communicate that answer appropriately in writing.

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