For Faculty
What Do You Need?
A quick click on the menu above will take you to syllabi (including sample lessons and a checklist for revising syllabi).  It will also introduce you to workshops and lead you to handouts (e.g., checklists, tips, exams, referral forms).   Here you will also find a bibliography as well as answers to common questions about WAC.  Feel free to add your own citations and questions by emailing

Whom Can You Contact?

Need help?  Want to collaborate?  Click on the links below to contact the following people:

Director of WAC
The Director can answer questions, look for resources, and discuss your syllabus, student papers, or other concerns in her office (by appointment).
WAC Committee
The Committee, which consists of professors from various disciplines, reviews WAC syllabi, deliberates about policies, and assists the Director during WAC workshops.
WAC Faculty
These faculty members can share their classroom experiences with you or possibly collaborate with you on a teaching or research project.




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