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Although this section of the website is designed for administrators, it provides general information of interest to anyone who is curious about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Howard University.  See the menus above to learn about the history, courses, faculty, guidelines, and assessment of Howard's WAC program.  If you are an administrator, here you will find everything you need to do the following:
  1. advise a student who is looking for a course to fulfill the third writing requirement.
  2. assist a professor who wants you to schedule a WAC course.
  3. inform an accrediting body that would like to know how your unit is improving students' writing and learning.

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Recent and Upcoming WAC Courses

Click here to view the WAC courses we have scheduled previously and for the coming semester.    

How to Schedule a WAC Course

As you prepare course schedule forms for the coming semester, please keep in mind the following guidelines for scheduling the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) courses that fulfill the third writing requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Division of Allied Health.  Please share this information with the administrative assistant who helps you prepare your course schedule formsIn the long run, following the steps below can save you and Enrollment Management valuable time, while preventing problems for faculty and students:

  1. First-time WAC Courses:  If you wish to make a course a WAC course for the first time, email Dr.Redd at so that she can assign the course a 700-level number, publicize the course, and initiate the syllabus review process.
  2. Course Changes:  If you are changing a course that is already scheduled in Banner, remember to cancel the non-WAC version (e.g., CHEM 145) when you create the WAC version (e.g., CHEM 745), or vice versa.
  3. Assigned Instructors:  Assign WAC courses to WAC-certified instructors only.  To earn certification, WAC instructors must complete a series of WAC workshops and submit a syllabus to the WAC Committee for approval.  To see who is WAC-certified, click here.
  4. WAC and non-WAC Sections:  Although your department may offer both WAC and non-WAC sections of the same course, do not assign the WAC and non-WAC sections to the same instructor in the same time slot(Note:  Both WAC and non-WAC students may attend the same lecture, but not the same lab or discussion session.)
  5. Course Schedule Forms:  When you complete the course schedule forms, make sure you include the following information for WAC courses:
    •  the 700-level number
    •  a WRTG suffix
    •  3 or more credits
    •  a maximum class size of 20
    •  the WAC-certified instructor's name  

HHPL 717-01  Sociology of Sport-WRTG  3 cr.  max =20  Corbett  BURR 122

 For details about the WAC program guidelines, faculty, courses, and workshops, see the site map or the menus above.  If you still have questions, just call 6-0870 or email