WAC Workshops

Click on any of the links below to discover how you can learn more about teaching writing across the curriculm.

Next Workshop

Are you ready to take a workshop this month?  Click here to view the WAC workshop offerings on CETLA's current calendar.  Look for course numbers that begin with "WC."

On-Campus Workshops

The annual WAC Certification Seminar provides prospective WAC teachers with resources for developing and evaluating assignments that help students "learn to write" and "write to learn."  Faculty who successfully complete the seminar and a WAC syllabus  can teach WAC courses that fulfill the third writing requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Division of Allied Health.  To read more about the workshop, click the seminar link above.  To find out about alternative routes to certification, click here.

Other WAC Workshops

Check the WAC Clearinghouse  for other WAC workshops and conferences.


To register for WAC workshops or seminars, go to CETLA's  Workshops and Events.

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