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Policies Howard University

Rules and Regulations for Smart Room Users

Note: If you encounter a technical problem with your Smart Room equipment, contact the person who is in charge of the room.  

I. Smart Room Access

Instead of keys, many Smart Rooms now have locks that require an access code or ID card. However, if your Smart Room requires a key, please observe the following policies:


    • Where applicable, you should sign in and obtain a key to enter the Smart Room on the day and time of use. When you have finished using the Smart Room, secure the room and return the key to the person you received it from and sign out. (This is for your protection.)


    • If you have a class that starts after 5:00 PM, you should obtain a key from the appropriate sources before the close of business. In addition, if you have a class at 8:00 AM, you should obtain the key by signing it out the evening before your class. In all cases, it is your responsibility to make sure that the key is returned promptly the following morning.


    • The Smart Room can be scheduled for special meetings as well as classes when technology is required and no other suitable space is available. However, these should be special sessions. If you wish to reserve a Smart Room for such a session, contact the appropriate dean's office.


II. Security

  • Do not give your access code, ID card, or key to anyone !
  • Under no circumstances should you let anyone (other than your class) enter the Smart Rooms unless that person checks with the front office and receives approval first. Do NOT prop open doors.
  • You should not enter the closets unless you plan to use the slide projector, VCR, or DVD/CD player.
  • Before leaving the room, please make sure that the lectern cabinets have been locked to secure the technology inside.
  • When leaving the Smart Room, please double-check to make sure that all doors have been secured. All students must exit at this time.
  • If you violate these policies, you will be personally responsible for any losses that occur because of your negligence (i.e., you will have to pay for damaged or missing equipment).


III. Food and Drink  

  • Please enforce the NO FOOD, NO DRINK POLICY at all times.


IV. Furniture and Floors  

  • Do not move the lectern lest you damage the wiring.
  • Have users clean their areas and put chairs back in place before leaving the room.
  • Do not allow anyone to sit on the desktop of the seats.


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