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Souzan Hawala-Druy


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Design An International Curriculum


Creating an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Global Studies Curriculum, the World View Forum-Chapel Hill North Carolina
Internationalizing the Undergraduate Curriculum Symposium
Internationalizing the Curriculum: An Inventory of Key Issues, Model Programs and Resources, COU Series


Guidelines/ “How to”

Internationalizing by Design, University of Minnesota
Internationalizing Faculty: A Phased Approach to Transforming Curriculum Design and Instruction
Internationalizing the Undergraduate Curriculum Symposium
Internationalization of the curriculum: A practical guide to support Canadian universities' efforts
Bridging the Gap: Internationalizing University Curricula
Marketing Curriculum: Designing its New Logic and Structure
Teaching and Learning an Internationalised Curriculum
Guidelines for Teaching and Learning in a Language other than English



Frameworks for Internationalisation, Curtin University of Technology


Resources for International Content

Online resources for Internationalizing Curriculum
Internationalization of Curriculum: Introduction and Resource Guide
University of Waterloo, Course Internationalization
University of Alberta
Brock International University, Internationalizing the Curriculum
Course Internationalization: Engaging Students as Learning Resources
Canadian e-Magazine of International Education
Princeton in the World, Princeton University Reports
Griffith University, Internationalisation


Sample Syllabi

HU Syllabus Database
Portland Community College, Internationalized Curriculum


Prepare Students


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Work with International Partners







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Assess Internationalization



Concept Mapping


Assignments (General)

Evaluation of Assignments and Assessment of Objectives
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Publish Research on Internationalization


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Find Other Resources for Internationalizing


Office of Postsecondary Education, Home Page
Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program


National Organizations

NAFSA Association of International Educators, Internationalizing Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Network
Academy for Educational Development of Arts and Sciences, Summer Study Abroad
American Institute for Foreign Study
Cultural Insurance Services International
College of Arts and Sciences, Summer Study Abroad



Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization
Internationalizing the Campus 2010
Internationalizing the Campus 2009
Internationalizing the Campus 2008
Internationalizing the Campus 2007
Cassandra Pyle Award Recipients
Marita Houlihan Award Recipients
Homer Higbee Award Recipients


Conferences on Internationalizing the Curriculum

NAFSA 2010 Annual Conference & Expo