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This site is intended to help HU faculty members set up and successfully manage their HU Blackboard classes. (To find help for your students, click here.) Choose from the following options:




WHAT'S NEW? (Note: SP 15 is coming to HU on August 9th!)

Click the title above to learn about the newest features of Howard's Blackboard system. You can also watch the presentation above or another video that explains how the newest features can benefit you and your students. Click here to read a printable guide as well.


Click here to watch videos that show and tell you how to use Blackboard's tools.  We have organized the tutorials so that faculty who complete CETLA's hands-on workshops can easily find the right ones to review.  However, if you can't attend a workshop, you may find that the tutorial is all you need. You can also access Blackboard's On Demand Learning Center.


Do you want to print out instructions so that you can consult them while you are working in your Blackboard course site? Then click here to print out the pages you need from the Blackboard 9 manual. If you just want to print a Quick Start Guide for the Grade Center, click here


Click here to find answers to some of the most frequently asked administrative questions, for instance, what to do if you can't log in, see your courses, or find a student.


Check here to see whether you need to adjust your computer's settings or to find "workarounds" for software problems. Please note that Blackboard 9 does not work with Internet Explorer 6. It does work with Internet Explorer 7, which you can get HERE.  However, Blackboard 9 works best with the latest version of Mozilla's Firefox. Get it HERE!   


Keep updated copies of your Blackboard site on your hard drive...just in case! Click here for instructions.



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