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"Creating a Grading Rubric"

Below you can find 3-5 minute videos to help you learn or review specific Blackboard skills. Since the videos are organized according to CETLA's workshops, you can also use them to earn credit for a workshop: Just watch the video, practice in your Blackboard course site, and email cetla@howard.edu for an appointment to "test out." However, for interactive hands-on instruction with a CETLA facilitator, sign up for a face-to-face workshop via CETLA's calendar or email cetla.assistant.director@gmail.com to enroll in Bb Online.

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BB01 Building Blackboard Courses

      Course Navigation

Using edit mode to modify your course (Bb9)
Navigating the course menu (Bb9)
Task-based Navigation in SP8 (Bb9)
Navigating from course to course

      Building Content

Course Messages
Selecting the page where users enter your course
Adding course menu content ((Bb9)
Creating & organizing folders (Bb9)
Attaching files from your computer (Bb9.1)
Uploading a File from Your Computer
Attaching files from course files (Bb9.1)
Adding external links (Bb9)
Making your course available (Bb9)
Updating instructor contact information (Bb9)
Creating a blank page for displaying content (Bb9.1)
Adding content to a learning module (Bb9.1)

Adding your own web content through course files (Bb9.1)
Importing a course package (Bb9.1)
Attaching files from course files to items (Bb9.1)
Creating a lesson plan (Bb9.1)
Creating a new course task (Bb9.1)
Creating course files (Bb9.1)
Copying your course for semester to semester
Using the Upgraded Content Editor
Adding an Image to Text Areas


Posting announcements (Bb9)
Sending email (Bb9)
Making tools available (Bb9)
Adding terms to the glossary tool (Bb9.1)
Adding textbook information(Bb9.1)
Create a tool link (Bb9.1)
Creating a mashup (Bb9.1)


Building Cloud Profiles
Adding and removing modules from your home page
Updating your email address
Uploading your photo
Blackboard Course Themes

Adding an avatar to personalize your course environment

BB03 Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate

Click here to go to CETLA's Collaborate site.

BB04 Collecting Students' Assignments

Using Date Management Tool NEW in SP15!
Creating assignments (Bb9)
Managing blogs(Bb9)
Managing journals
Conducting self-evaluation and peer assessment
Creating a journal (Bb9.1)
Commenting on a journal entry (Bb9.1)
Creating a blog (Bb9.1)
Creating and editing blog entries (Bb9.1)

Note: The digital drop box has been removed from the new version of blackboard. However, you can access the documents previously submitted by clicking the following URL: You may need to log in again.


BB05 Making Teamwork Work
BB06 Creating Tests and Surveys
BB07 Maintaining an Online Gradebook


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