African Americans have made many contributions to society. Society has not given African Americans enough credit for these contributions. These include research and development in the area of technology to improve hair, make life easier, and save lives.

Many inventions were made with the improvement of hair care in mind. Madame C.J.Walker invented an item that would straighten African Americansí curly hair. This item was the hot comb or straightening comb. She also came up with a mixture of ingred ients that would essentially moisten the hair and scalp. This heterogeneous mixture was called grease. George Washington Carver also produced hair oil. In order for African American women to create hairstyles, they needed an instrument to help them do s o. A woman named Lyda D.Newman invented the hair brush for such purposes. The hair brush was used to push hair into the position needed to create the desired hairstyle. Theora Stephens invented the curling iron to ease the process of creating hairstyles.

Other inventions were made to make life easier. Benjamin Banneker gave us the clock. George Washington Carver contributed fuel alcohol. Equally important, O.S.Williams, a famous engineer, invented the radar beacon. This invention makes an aircraf t easy to track if it is shot down or lost during a storm. In addition, Louis Latimer made improvements on Edisonís light bulb. It would not have been a light bulb without Latimerís accuracy. Another invention was the oil lubricator. It is one of many inv entions made by Elijah McCoy. His lubricator was a cheaper and faster way to operate trains as opposed to shoveling coal into a fire. In addition, Garrett Morgan contributed numerous inventions to society. The traffic signal is one such invention that ma kes directing traffic easier on everyone. Morgan also generated static conduction. Static conduction served as a guide to keep trains from running off the track.

Some contributions were made in order to save lives. For instance, the gas mask was invented by Garrett Morgan. Its purpose is to protect the face and internal organs from harmful gases and sprays. The gas mask is most often used by the bomb squad and the military during raids. Dr. Charles Drew found a way to separate blood plasma. He later started the first blood bank. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open heart surgery. These discoveries paved the way for other African Americans who wanted to save lives.

African Americans have produced a great variety of inventions and methods of improving life. These varieties are used worldwide. They are some of the greatest inventions and methods mankind has ever produced.


---Lajuanta Lovett