Faculty Mentor


Charles Kim, Ph.D

Using Tablet PCs funded by a Hewlett-Packard Teaching with Technology Grant, Dr. Kim combined two separate lecture and lab courses into one mobile studio class that integrated lectures, problem-solving, computer simulations, and laboratory experiments.  With the Tablet PCs, network interface cards, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Mobile Studio software, students could bring the lab into the lecture room.  (Click here to see photos.) As a result, a monotonous engineering lecture could become a dynamic studio, where students could draw, scribble, and instantly test the lecture theories and concepts. (Click here to compare a traditional lab assignment with a mobile studio implementation.) Moreover, the Tablet PCs allowed students with wireless access to carry their labs “anywhere anytime,” overcoming the time and space limitations of the traditional classroom and lab.  This hands-on mobility enabled students to “experience the full cycle of experiential learning,” Dr. Kim explains: “abstract conceptualization…active experimentation…modification…concrete experience…reflective observation…and general derivation of rules.” 



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