developing critical readers

Richard wright, Ph.D.

March 25, 2009

Video Segments

  1. How do we assign meaning to texts?
  2. How should students approach texts?
  3. How can faculty fashion a "critical pedagogy"?
  4. What  critical reading strategies can students adopt?



According to Dr. Richard Wright, Professor of Linguistics, “you must become a reader of the world before you can become a reader of the word.”  In other words, to read texts critically, students must think about the world critically.  How can teachers help students develop such a “critical consciousness”?  In this video Dr. Wright, explains how faculty can adopt a “critical pedagogy” that will help students approach the word and the world with a sense of personal agency and a questioning mind.   Noting that “every text is biased,” he presents strategies that faculty can share with students so that their students can recognize an author’s purpose, tone, and perspective.  In short, he shows us how to teach students to “read between the lines.”