Assessing the Impact of High-Impact Practices on African American Students

Dana Williams, Ph.D.

February 15, 2012

Video Segments

  1. What are High-Impact Practices?
  2. What does research tell me about HIPS?

  3. What do HIPS look like at Howard?
  4. First Year Seminars and Experiences
  5. Common Intellectual Experiences
  6. Learning Communities
  7. Writing-Intensive Courses
  8. Collaborative Assisgnments and Projects
  9. Undergraduate Research
  10. Diversity and Global Learning
  11. Service Learning, Community-Based Learning
  12. Internships
  13. Capstone Projects
  14. What makes Howard's HIPs unique?


According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, ten active learning practices increase rates of student engagement and retention. These "High Impact Practices" (HIPs) include (1) First-year seminars and experiences, (2) Common intellectual experiences, (3) Learning communities, (4) Writing-intensive courses, (5) Collaborative assignments and projects, (6) Undergraduate research, (7) Diversity and global learning, (8) Service-learning and community-based learning, (9) Internships, and (10) Capstone projects. In this video, English professor Dana Williams, a practitioner of many of these practices, shares data from Howard University to document the impact of HIPs on the predominantly African American undergraduate population at Howard.