Meeting Our Students at the Crossroad Through the Lens of Faculty and Student Wellness and Properly Providing Student Accommodations

Ayanna Watkins-Northern, Ph.D.

Elaine Heath, Ph.D.

November 13, 2018

Video Segments

  1. Introduction
  2. Student Mental Wellness – Director Dr. Ayanna Watkins-Northern,, 202-860-6870, 6th & Bryant Streets, NW The Howard University Counseling Service offers a range of professional services for students wanting help with psychological issues, personal concerns, interpersonal issues, and crises. Students are initially seen by an intake counselor. Services are offered in the form of individual and/or group sessions, depending on the students need. Referral to on-campus and/or off-campus support sources may be decided if clinical needs are beyond what we can provide.

  3. Segment 2
  4. Segment 3
  5. Segment 4?
  6. Special Student Services – How to Handle Student Accommodations – Dr. Elaine Heath, Dean of Office of Special Student Services, 1851 9th Street, NW, Second Floor, 202-238-2420,

  7. Segment 5
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  12. Segment 10
  13. End and Q&A