Teaching With Humor

Darian Unger, Ph.D.

November 17, 2010


Who is the real Darian Unger? Is he a county emergency medical technician and firefighter? Is he a former Westinghouse engineering manager who co-founded an environmental energy consulting company? Is he a technology policy and management "wonk" from MIT who launched his teaching career in Asia? Is he the author of "The Role of National Religious Freedom Competitiveness" and a longtime Democratic party activist?

He is everything above. As an Assistant Professor in Howard's School of Business, he draws upon his diverse skills and experiences to teach Project Management, Principles of Information Systems, and Production & Operations Management in the Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences. His research and publications focus on innovations not only in technology management but also in business education. Moreover, he's the winner of the Howard University Faculty Senate's 2009 Exemplary Teaching Award.

Drawing upon his teaching expertise and his diverse background, he has discovered how to teach with humor to reach his students. In this video, he explains and demonstrates how to use imagination and multimedia to make students laugh and learn.

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