Increasing the Retention and Achievement of African-American College Males

Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D.

October 24, 2011

Video Segments

  1. What is the state of black males in America?
  2. How are black males faring during and after college?
  3. How likely are black males to aspire to go to college?
  4. What factors influence whether black males enroll in college?
  5. How can colleges retain and graduate black males?


The media are constantly bombarding the American public with dismal statistics about young black men. In this video, Education Professor Ivory Toldson shows us how many of these statistics distort reality.  At the same time, he highlights the statistics that deserve our attention, statistics such as the following:  “If all 1,127,170 black males who are currently enrolled in undergraduate programs eventually graduated, the number of total black males with college degrees would increase by 71%, nearly achieving parity with white males.”  Therefore, Dr. Toldson’s research explores not only the factors that motivate black males to enroll in colleges but also the factors that enable them to graduate.  These factors, his research reveals, are personal, financial, familial, institutional, and societal.  But, above all, his research shows us how secondary schools can better prepare and advise black males before they enroll in college and how college faculty and administrators can better support them once they arrive.