Internationalizing the Curriculum

harold scott, Jr. Ph.D.

April 14, 2010

Video Segments

  1. Why should we internationalize the curriculum?
  2. How can faculty fulfill their course objectives by internationalizing their curriculum?
  3. How can internationalizing the curriculum benefit students?
  4. How can institutions foster student collaboration on international projects and research?


Most faculty would agree that they need to equip students for a “flat world,” a world where people everywhere are increasingly connected.  However, despite their agreement, some can’t imagine how they could internationalize their courses without straying from the purpose and content.  That is why International Affairs scholar Harold Scott, Jr. explains in this video how to internationalize courses across the curriculum.  Quoting the learning objectives from diverse syllabi, he demonstrates how faculty can fulfill those objectives by infusing their courses with an international perspective.  As a result, he reveals, “students begin to think about where they fit in the global context” and they can more clearly see how to achieve their career goals and intellectual interests in an international arena.