Crowdsourcing: Facilitating Collaborative Pedagogy and Research

Norman Sandridge, Ph.D.

November 14, 2016


Associate Professor, Norman Sandridge began his academic career with an interest in physics and philosophy, doing research on space plasma and synchronous sonoluminescence. His goal at the beginning of college was to become an astronaut and a cosmologist. Yet, after a series of inspiring courses in Latin, he became more interested in the humanities and pursued graduate degrees in Greek, Latin, and Classics, with a focus on ethics, the emotions, heroism, and leadership. He wrote a master's thesis on the theme of redemption in the tragedies of Sophocles and a dissertation on the Argonautica, an epic by Apollonius of Rhodes. Dr. Sandridge is a research fellow at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies and currently develops collaborative courses and collaborative online research projects.

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