Stimulating Class Discussions

Samuel Paschall, J.D.

March 29, 2007


Three months after his graduation from Harvard Law School in 1980, Samuel Paschall began teaching at Howard University. Since then he has become not only Associate Dean of Howard’s School of Business and an expert on legal liability, but also one of the most popular teachers on Howard’s campus. Named “Outstanding Teacher” in the School of Business on several occasions, he has established his reputation by stimulating his students’ thinking and interest.

Taught through the case method, his business law courses stress the analytical thinking that a law school curriculum demands. Explains Howard professor Gregory Cutler, “[Paschall] told me that if I made an “A”in his class, then I was ready for law school. His teaching style was insightful, and I still remember some of his lectures some 20 years later….You can guess what grade I earned in Dean Paschall’s class because here I am years later with a Juris Doctorate, teaching the same class he taught me.”

Like Professor Cutler, many other Howard students testify to the lasting impact that Professor Paschall’s class had upon them. One writes, “He is an awesome teacher. His class was full EVERY day. I am now interested in law because of him.” Another concurred, “Great teacher and great person! He stays busy but he has made me interested in the law. I would recommend him to ANYONE having to take Business Law.” Professor Paschall even stimulated interest among the unmotivated, as one student confesses: “…he is so thorough and interesting….I never missed a class…and that[‘s] a lot coming from a slacker.”

One way Professor Paschall stimulates so much interest in business law is to stimulate class discussion. Therefore, as he leads a discussion during the video presented here, captions will identify his successful strategies.

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