Teaching with Facebook

Reginald Miles, M.A.

January 25, 2011

Video Segments

  1. What Is Web 2.0?
  2. What Is Facebook?
  3. Why Facebook?
  4. How Should Instructors Use Facebook?
  5. How Can Instructors Set Up a "Teacher" Profile?
  6. How Can Instructors Set Up a Class on Facebook?
  7. How Do Students Enroll in Your Facebook Class?
  8. How Do You Post Class Activities and Assignments?
  9. How Do Students Like Facebook in the Classroom?


Facebook in the classroom? Some faculty may scoff at the notion of integrating the social networking website into the curriculum. However, in this video, Reginald Miles, Assistant Professor of Radio, TV, and Film, urges faculty to reconsider the instructional potential of Facebook. Then , step by step, through a series of screencasts, he guides faculty through the process of setting up a Facebook site for classes. He shows faculty how to set up a "teacher profile," establish a group for each class, foster a virtual classroom community, and create an event (such as an assignment). Citing student comments, he reveals how Facebook improved teaching and learning in his classes. For instance, since over 85% of U.S. college students used Facebook in 2010, teaching via Facebook made it easier for his students to access him and the assignments. As a result, he exulted, nearly all of his students submitted their homework on time!

NOTE: This video explains how professors can protect their privacy when teaching with Facebook. However, to protect students' privacy, professors should advise students to choose settings that will restrict the professors' access to the students' Facebook pages.