Interdisciplinary Teaching

George Middendorf, Ph.D.

February 27, 2008

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Video Segments

  1. Why team-teach with someone from another discipline?
  2. What is an interdisciplinary perspective?
  3. What does interdisciplinary team-teaching require?
  4. Why choose an interdisciplinary approach?
  5. What course-specific issues arise?


The challenges of team-teaching are many. So are the challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration. Combine these challenges, and you end up with perhaps the most challenging pedagogy of all: interdisciplinary team-teaching. Nevertheless, in this video, Dr. Middendorf takes much of the confusion out of the process. He distinguishes an interdisciplinary perspective from a disciplinary or multi-disciplinary one. He offers strategies for team-teaching, regardless of the discipline. He explores problems that arise and how he and his “teammates” solved them. Above all, through his examples and experience, he explains why faculty as well as students can benefit from interdisciplinary team-teaching: As this video reveals, team-teachers can learn as much as the students do.