Teaching entrepreneurship in any discipline


November 24, 2009


Dr. Anestine LaFond is truly an entrepreneur:  As she says, she is “always seeking new ways to add value to a project or to maximize an opportunity.”   As the Director of Academic Programs at Howard University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation (ELI), Dr. LaFond coordinates entrepreneurship education programs for faculty, including the Annual HBCU Faculty Entrepreneurship Conference, the Symposium on Entrepreneurship in Health and Wellness, and workshops on infusing entrepreneurial thinking and themes into courses across the curriculum.

For over 30 years, Dr. LaFond has been a media practitioner, known for her contributions to the liberalization of telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean. A Fulbright Scholar, she holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Media Studies from Howard University, a graduate certificate in International Studies from Howard University, an M.A. in Communications from Barry University, and a B.A. in Radio/ TV Studies from Franciscan University.  Always seeking answers, she spends much of her time researching telecommunications and entrepreneurship, especially entrepreneurship among women in the Caribbean and the role of information technology in development.

Whether in the Caribbean or the U.S., Dr. LaFond has spent her entire career doing what she likes best: “helping young minds to develop their capacities.”  In this video, she seeks to do the same for more youths by helping faculty integrate entrepreneurship into their courses—regardless of the discipline.

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