Teaching entrepreneurship in any discipline


November 24, 2009


Video Segments

  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  2. Why is entrepreneurship important in education?
  3. What is entrepreneurial teaching?
  4. How can you teach entrepreneurship in your discipline?
  5. What are the possible assignments?
  6. Where can you find information about entrepreneurship?
  7. How can you get started?


In this video, Dr. Anestine LaFond explains why entrepreneurship education should not be confined to schools of business.  After defining “entrepreneurship,” she argues that entrepreneurial thinking is a key to success across the disciplines and in public and nonprofit organizations as well as in corporations, small businesses, and private practices.  Citing examples from Howard University and beyond, she shows how faculty have incorporated entrepreneurship in courses in the liberal arts and sciences as well as the health sciences and fine arts.  Then she shares resources for learning more about entrepreneurship and challenges faculty to follow a four-step plan for getting started.