Developing Critical Thinkers

Richard Jones, Ph.D.

April 27, 2004


Dr. Richard Jones is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Howard University and quite literally a "man of letters." He has garnered degrees from the University of Colorado, the University of Denver, Drake University, and Minot State University in everything from Philosophy and Education to Mathematics and Data Processing. Yet he is devoted to Philosophy because he feels that "academic philosophy can (and ought) to be instrumental in helping people of color achieve justice and equality in America" and that "learning philosophy is essential to what it means to be human."

With this aim in mind, Dr. Jones recently authored a book entitled African-American Sociopolitical Philosophy: Imagining Black Communities, and he continues to teach courses such as Introductory Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, History of Africana Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Science. In the accompanying video, he teaches instructors how to stimulate critical thinking in their classrooms.

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