Copyright & Intellectual Property: What Faculty Need to Know

Steve Jamar, J.D.

May 5, 2005

Video Segments

  1. What is copyright?
  2. What does copyright law protect?
  3. What is considered "public domain"?
  4. What is considered "fair use"?
  5. What are University polices regarding copyright?
  6. What questions do you have about copyright?


More than ever, teachers need to understand copyright law. Whether they are teaching on site or online, they should understand what they should and should not do in this Digital Age, when it is so easy to copy and download someone else’s work. How can teachers make multiple copies of copyrighted texts, images, or software for classroom use? How can teachers deliver copyrighted texts, movies, music, and artwork online? And how can teachers protect course materials that they have designed? In this video, law professor Steve Jamar answers such questions as he explains what copyright is, how to use copyrighted materials legally, and where to find additional information.