Improving Student Success (Use Every Trick in the Book!)

Christopher Hollinsed, Ph.D.

October 31, 2019

Welcome and Introdution to Dr. Hollinsed's and His Perception of Students' Background and Readiness for Organic Chemistry Coming from High School to College/Attitudes of Faculty/What is the responsibilty of faculty to do something.

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His Story: "This is Chris Hollinsed, now teaching at Howard. I always have your book (Teach Yourself How To Learn," on my syllabus as a recommended book. One of my students actually read it!"

Her Story: "With courses such as Anatomy and Physiology I and Organic Chemistry I, I quickly realized that relying on my techniques and innate intelligence from my high school career was not going to cut it. Unfortunately, I did not get the results that I coveted at the end of the semester. I decided that spring semester was not going to be the same. I finally read "Teach Yourself How to Learn," and it changed everything!"