Contemplative Pedagogy: Stimulating Mindfulness and Inquiry Through Meditation

Bradford C. Grant, m.arch, aia

April 16, 2014

Video Segments

  1. What is contemplative pedagogy?
  2. How can you help students see mindfully?
  3. How can you help students walk mindfully?
  4. What best practices should faculty follow?
  5. How can faculty assess students' contemplative learning?
  6. What else might faculty consider before integrating contemplative pedagogy?


What is "contemplative pedagogy," and how can it improve teaching and learning? Professor Bradford Grant answers these questions in this video, drawing upon his training in architecture, his personal history of meditation, and his experience engaging students in contemplative practices in the classroom. To illustrate the effectiveness of these practices, he invites his audience to participate in exercises designed to facilitate introspection, reflection, and critical inquiry.