African American Student Learning and Engagement in STEM

Kimberley E. Freeman, Ph.D.

Novermber 21, 2011

Video Segments

  1. Why do we need to investigate student STEM learning at HBCU's?
  2. What factors are related to STEM achievement?
  3. How are we investigating STEM learning at Howard?
  4. Why do students choose STEM majors at Howard?
  5. What motivates 1st-year STEM students to achieve at Howard?


What individual, instructional, and institutional variables promote the achievement and retention of African American undergraduates who have declared a major in STEM? In this video, that is the research question explored by Dr. Kimberley Freeman, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Principal Investigator of the Excellence and Motivation in Education Research Group (EMERG). Analyzing survey responses from 1st-year Howard STEM majors, Dr. Freeman explains why students choose STEM majors at Howard and what motivates 1st-year STEM students to achieve.