Managing Student Groups

Laura A. Fleet, Ph.D.

December 7, 2006


For more than 30 years, Dr. Laura Fleet has shared her expertise in interpersonal communication with the Howard University community. In fact, she is one of the founders of Howard’s School of Communications. As an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication & Culture, she pursues research in organizational communication, interpersonal communication, and leadership/management training.

In recognition of her scholarship, Jet magazine has featured Dr. Fleet as an expert in interpersonal communications. However, Dr. Fleet is also an expert teacher. At the School of Communications, she teaches courses on conflict management and negotiation, inter- and intra-personal communication, and public address. Her outstanding teaching has earned her numerous honors, among them the Amoco Teaching Excellence Award, the Most Appreciated Faculty Member Award, the "Making a Difference" Award, and the Dean’s Excellence in Teaching/Mentoring Award.

Despite her scholarly achievements, on the Howard University campus, Dr. Fleet is best known as the dynamic leader and co-founder of the University’s Professional Development and Leadership Academy. As the Office of the Vice President for Human Resource Management noted in 1998, at the academy "she plays a major role in training employees to be more effective, compassionate, and committed to their purpose as servant leaders." She has also served as the lead facilitator for several presidential retreats. Clearly, she has put to good use what she knows about interpersonal communication.

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