Speaking Well: A Few Do's and Don'ts for Lecturers

David G. Fitzpatrick, MBA

November 16, 2004

Video Segments

  1. How should faculty prepare to give a lecture?
  2. How should lectures use visual aids?
  3. What presentation guidelines shoud lectures follow?
  4. How can lecturers establish an appropriate stage presence?
  5. How can lectureres "read" their student audience?


Before giving a lecture, teachers should bear in mind actor Ben Vereen’s telling words: "Every performance is Opening Night." A lecturer’s performance matters because it can affect students’ attention, comprehension, and retention. Therefore, teachers should prepare their visual aids with care, they should be mindful of their stage presence, and they should "read" their students’ reactions as the lecture progresses. In short, the key to effective lecturing is to become "audience-centric"—to consider what is heard and what is seen from the students’ perspective.