Teaching Millennials

Yuvay Ferguson, Ph.D.

March 9, 2016


Born with the first wave of Millennials, Dr. Yuvay Ferguson brings an “insider’s” insights to today’s topic.  An Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Marketing at Howard University, she has built a successful career upon understanding what appeals to certain groups, especially African American consumers.  In the process of researching consumer behavior, she has delved into the lifestyle and outlook of African American Millennials, publishing articles such as “Targeted Marketing and the African-American Millennial Consumers” in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing.  Like her fellow Millennials, she understands the social media that dominate Millennials’ lives.  Indeed, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—you name it.

Dr. Ferguson teaches and mentors Millennials at Howard and beyond.  At Howard’s School of Business, she teaches courses such as Consumer Behavior, Consumer Social Justice, and Multicultural Advertising.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for Brown Girls Lead, an organization dedicated to developing leaders on college campuses and elsewhere to address social injustice in communities of color.  In addition, as a Writing Coach for the Posse Foundation, she mentors minority students during their senior year of high school to prepare them for college-level writing.  A Howard alumna, she recalls how “the role models and professors at Howard University showed her that they cared.  As a result, she explains, “I wanted to make sure that the people that came behind me also had a great experience.”

Given her mission, research, and experience, how does Dr. Ferguson engage Millennials in the classroom?  What captures their attention and stimulates their learning?  In this video, Dr. Ferguson will share her “marketing secrets.”

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