Andre Farquharson, D.D.S.

March 26, 2014


When it comes to testing new pedagogies and technologies, Associate Professor Andre Farquharson is your man. Always eager to find more effective ways to reach his students, he is ready "to boldly go where no professor has gone before"—if the innovation seems likely to enhance teaching, learning, or assessment in the field of dentistry.

A graduate of Howard's College of Dentistry, Dr. Farquharson returned to his alma mater to teach in the Division of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology in 2001 and soon became a pioneer in professional development. Since CETLA opened in October 2003, he has earned credit for more than 30 workshops. In the process, he has earned Blackboard, Distance-Learning, Smart Room, and Information Literacy certification. He has also completed all of the training for Writing Across the Curriculum certification. Moreover, he was among the first to pilot-test the Tegrity video-capture application, among the first to try out the Prezi presentation tool, and among the first to explore the Blackboard Content System.

At the same time, he has worked hard to make sure "no dentistry professor is left behind." He oversees the College's e-Assessment software, ExamSoft, and trains colleagues in its use. He once served as the faculty development liaison between the College and the Health Sciences Faculty Development Committee and still introduces new faculty to CETLA and other faculty development resources at Howard. Indeed, he looks out for the welfare of all Howard faculty by serving on the Faculty Senate Government Council, Steering Committee, and Budget and Planning Committee. It is fitting that he has played a leading role in HUH C.A.R.E.S. (a program that provides free health care for uninsured and underinsured HIV-positive D.C. residents), for he truly cares.

Because he cares so much about his students, Dr. Farquharson was one of the first HU faculty to try "flipping the classroom," using Tegrity and Blackboard. In this video, he shares what he learned.

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