Andre Farquharson, D.D.S.

March 26, 2014

Video Segments

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  1. What does"flipping the classroom" mean?

  2. What did you do to move instruction online?

  3. How did students respond to your "flipped" format?

  4. What are the challenges and benefits of video recording lectures?


An Associate Professor of Dentistry, Dr. Andre Farquharson can not only pull a tooth, but flip a class. In this video, he explains what "flipping the classroom" means, why he decided to flip one of his classes, and how he did it. In vivid detail, he describes what part of the instruction he moved online and what part of the instruction he changed inside his classroom. Then he compares his students' response to the class format before and after "flipping." Although his experiment proved successful, he closes with suggestions for improving the "flipped" class next time.