Cultivating a Culture of Academic Integrity

Kortright Davis, Ph.D.

February 24, 2011


Only a person of the highest integrity can tell us how to cultivate academic integrity, and Dr. Kortright Davis is such a person. Dr. Davis is a Professor of Theology and the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Howard University. An ordained priest, he is also the Rector of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Washington, DC.

A much sought-after consultant to religious and academic institutions, Dr. Davis has led the Caribbean Conference of Churches and serves on the Faith & Order Commission of the World Council of Churches. He has published articles, chapters, and books such as African Creative Expressions of the Divine, Emancipation Still Comin’, and Can God Save the Church? As a result of his scholarship and service, he has garnered several honorary degrees, including those from New York’s General Theological Seminary, St. Paul’s College in Virginia, Virginia Theological Seminary, and the University of the West Indies.

Given his training, scholarship, and service, it is not surprising that he has actively contributed to the University’s dialogue about academic excellence. He is a member of the Faculty Senate Council and served on the Presidential Commission for Academic Renewal. Most pertinent to this video, he served as chair of the University’s Self-Study Committee on Integrity and presented on the topic “Ethics in the Classroom” for the Graduate School. As you will see in this video, he is more than qualified to advise faculty and administrators about the actions they need to take to cultivate academic integrity.

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