Case-Based Teaching

Lisa a Croomes, j.D.

October 13, 2010

Video Segments

  1. What is case-based teaching?
  2. What should faculty ask students to do before discussing a case?
  3. How can faculty guide students through a case in the classroom?
  4. How can faculty use cases to assess student learning?
  5. How can faculty implement these strategies in disciplines other than law?


Cases are narratives that students explore interactively in order to draw a conclusion, determine a course of action, or to debate issues in a realistic context.  Since Case-Based Teaching (CBT) originated in law schools, this video features a professor of law, Lisa Crooms, explaining how to set up a case, how to brief a case, and how to use cases to stimulate and assess student learning.  However, CBT has been widely adopted by professors in other professional schools such as medicine and business, and has proved to be a powerful tool for stimulating active learning in the liberal arts and sciences.   Therefore, from this video, faculty can learn strategies that can enhance their courses, regardless of the discipline.