Effective Advising

Melanie Carter, Ph.D.

October 19, 2015

Video Segments

  1. What do advisors need to know about the Howard University context?
  2. What is effective advising?
  3. What is the organizational structure for advising at HU?
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of faculty advisors?
  5. What advising tools are available?
  6. What advising resources are available?
  7. How can faculty become more effective advisors?


Speaking to Howard University faculty, Dr. Melanie Carter provides an overview of the advising structures, services, and strategies that support student success at Howard. Although she describes the organization, tools, and resources for advising at Howard in particular, she also discusses the roles and responsibilities of faculty advisors in general, explaining why faculty play such a critical role in the advising process. Given their roles and responsibilities, she lists eleven steps that faculty can take to become effective advisors.