Therapeutic Pedagogy: A Mindful Practice to Address 21st Century Educational Challenges in Higher Education

Gizelle Carr, Ph.D.

October 31, 2017

Video Segments

  1. Leisha's Story
  2. From therapeutic jurisprudence to therapeutic pedagogy
  3. What is Therapeutic Pedagogy?
  4. What are the outcomes of Therapeutic Pedagogy? ?
  5. Learning Outcomes for therapeutic pedagogy


The concept of therapeutic jurisprudence informs the concept of therapeutic pedagogy. Therapeutic jurisprudence is defined as ways in which mental health and psychological applications inform and shape legal processes, whether in a positive way or negatively. From an aspirational standpoint, the law and mental health operate symbiotically to produce relevant, impactful and just consequences for legally involved persons in a way that does not traumatize, or perhaps more accurately, re-traumatize, Therapeutic pedagogy focuses on the emotional life and psychological well-being of students. Therapeutic pedagogy expands the meaning of education beyond the learning of tasks and procedures and the implementation of program-specific operations, to include moral and ethical imperatives. The guest lecture shows how your teaching can have therapeutic consequences for all students.