instilling professionalism

clive callender, Ph.D.

November 6, 2012

Video Segments

  1. What is professionalism?
  2. What professionalism objectives should students fulfill?
  3. What other objectives should students fulfill?
  4. What kinds of behaviors reflect professionalism?
  5. What mechanisms has the HU Health Sciences Center(HUHSC) set up to promote professionalism?
  6. How has HUHSC overseen the Code of Honor, Professionalism and Ethics?


In 2010, Professor of Surgery Dr. Clive Callender was appointed chair of the College of Medicine’s Task Force on Professionalism (TFOP), a task force charged with fostering a culture of professionalism and developing a curriculum to promote professionalism among students, staff, and faculty. In this video, Dr. Callender shares what that committee learned and achieved. Although he focuses on professionalism in the Health Sciences, he presents the College of Medicine’s experience as an example of what other schools and colleges can do to instill professionalism. For instance, professionalism in patient care in the Health Sciences might translate into professionalism in customer care in Business or client care in Social Work and Law, or listener/viewer care in Communications. In other words, this video reveals how important it is for faculty to instill professionalism in their students, regardless of the career or field.