Teaching-as-Research: A Case Study

Folahan O. Ayorinde, Ph.D.

April 12, 2007

Video Segments

  1. What is Teaching-as-Research (TAR)?
  2. How can faculty integrate teaching and research?
  3. How can faculty engage in TAR?
  4. What can faculty learn from TAR?
  5. What can faculty do with their findings?
  6. Are there any other questions?


”Use your research skills to improve teaching and learning,” Dr. Folahan Ayorinde advises faculty in this video. Invoking the mission of CIRTL, the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning, Dr. Ayorinde explains how and why faculty should investigate teaching and learning in their classrooms. Then he presents an example from the research of Dr. Ayoni F. Akinyele, a study of peer-led team learning in chemistry lecture courses for nursing and allied health science majors. Both his presentation and the subsequent Q & A session reveal the advantages and challenges of measuring student learning in the classroom.