My Journey to the Land of Oz SoTL

Alice Thomas, J.D., M.B.A.

April 18, 2016

Video Segments

  1. Welcome and Introduction to Guest Lecture
  2. Where did it all begin for me?
  3. And What brought you here today?
  4. My First Article and Core Thesis
  5. Becoming a SOTL Researcher
  6. What is SOTL & Its Standards?
  7. Building a Community of Scholars
  8. Process of SOTL - Carnegie Video Tutorial
  9. Asking the Questions/What's the Problem Pat Hutchins, Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
  10. Research Methods and Resources
  11. Conclusion


Professor Alice Thomas takes you on a journey but not to the land of OZ, instead she takes you to the land of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). In this video, she explores how you too can take the journey and what you might discover there. She embarked on this journey herself in her early years of teaching when she encountered a problem in the classroom, meaning she intentionally taught certain concepts and ideas and students seemingly did not learn them. She began to research scholarly explanations about the problem and to ask others. She learned about students with learning differences, formative and summative assessment, and recalled from her undergraduate experience (i.e., she was a psychology major) that psychology had very specific ideas about how people learn. The more she explored, the more she believed that, in teaching, you should base your teaching choices on scholarly explanations about how students learn, and how your teaching choices impact their learning. She also began to believe that she could be the researcher that provided the scholarly explanations. As a result, she developed her core thesis that teaching should be anchored by two bedrocks, i.e., one—the scholarship of teaching and learning and two – anecdotal teaching experience. She posits that most of your choices should flow from the scholarship of teaching and learning, and a lesser portion from your anecdotal teaching experience. She provides that scholarly teaching combines researched knowledge of what works in teaching and learning, and intentional and meaningful evaluation of the teaching and learning problems. Watch the video and enjoy the journey to the land of SOTL!