Problem-based learning

Oluwaranti Akiyode, PHARM.D.

Februrary 10, 2014


In her newsletter, Rx for Success, Dr. Oluwaranti Akiyode shares these words of wisdom: "If you are not learning, you are not growing." This saying succinctly expresses Dr. Akiyode's beliefs and actions. As the College of Pharmacy's Director of Professionalism & Professional Development, Dr. Akiyode devotes much of her time and energy to the professional growth of students, faculty, and staff.

An Associate Professor of Pharmacy, Dr. Akiyode has earned a reputation for herself as a Board-certified Advanced Diabetes Manager at the Howard University Diabetes Treatment Center, a center recognized by the American Diabetes Association. A Senior Faculty-Scholar at the college of Pharmacy's Center of Excellence, she has also won numerous grants and published articles on a wide range of clinical issues. However, as a Clinical Pharmacist, she also oversees students' clinical activities and teaches them about pharmaceutical science and professionalism issues. She teaches seminars on professionalism as well as courses such as Introduction to Pharmacy, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Drug Information, and the endocrine module of Integrated Therapeutics. However, it is her Team Building/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) course that is the subject of this video.

For the past seven years, Dr. Akiyode has taught the Team Building/PBL course to first-year pharmacy students as an introduction to problem-based learning. Having studied PBL at the University of Mexico, she is well-versed in the methods of developing effective PBL "problems" and facilitating PBL teamwork.

As a result of her teaching expertise, Dr. Akiyode has been nominated for "Preceptor of the Year" and "Most Inspiring Professor" awards at Howard . Moreover, she has won CETLA's "Exemplary Syllabus" award and the title of "Diabetes Educator of the Year" from the District of Columbia branch of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. A role model for her colleagues, she coordinates Pharmacy's Faculty Mentoring Program and serves as a CETLA Fellow, appointed by her Dean to serve as the liaison between CETLA and her college.

Thus, this video is just one of many ways that Dr. Akiyode shares her pedagogical insights with faculty. It will help you better understand the nature, benefits, costs, and methodology of problem-based learning.

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