Problem-based learning

Oluwaranti Akiyode, PHARM.D.

Februrary 10, 2014

Video Segments

1.What is Problem-Based Learning (PBL)?

2.What is the history of PBL in the College of Pharmacy?

3.What are the advantages and challenges of PBL?

4.How can you design, facilitate, and evaluate PBL Activites?

5.What else would you like to know about PBL?


What is Problem-Based Learning (PBL), and why does it work? You can find the answers in this video by Pharmacy professor Oluwaranti Akiyode. Drawing upon her experience teaching PBL in the College of Pharmacy, she describes the benefits and the challenges of PBL and how she modified PBL to fit the resource constraints of her college. Then, providing lots of concrete examples, she explains how faculty can design, facilitate, and evaluate PBL activities.