Stimulating Quantitative Reasoning

Adeniran Adeboye, Ph.D.

April 21, 2011


A veteran mathematics instructor, Dr. Adeniran Adeboye has been teaching mathematics for more than 45 years—at the elementary, secondary, and college levels, in Africa, Europe and North America.  Thirty-seven of those years he has taught mathematics at Howard University, where he teaches courses ranging from Basic Mathematics in the Center for Academic Reinforcement to Algebraic Topology and Differential Geometry in the Graduate School.

During his tenure at Howard, Dr. Adeboye has assumed many administrative responsibilities related to mathematics education.  He has served as Director of the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics twice, for a total of 14 years, and once as Director of the Graduate Program.  In addition, he has served faithfully on the department’s Curriculum Committee, chairing the committee numerous times.

Dr.  Adeboye’s commitment to education has also led him beyond the Math Department.  For instance, for 8 years he served on the School of Education’s Teacher Education Advisory Council.  He also directed the School of Business’s Summer Actuarial program for nearly a decade.  Most significant for this video, he has actively participated in Howard’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program since its launch in 1991.  He was one of the first faculty members to volunteer for WAC training because, he said, he had learned as a student in the British school system in Nigeria that writing facilitated thinking, including mathematical reasoning.  As a result, he was invited to join the interdisciplinary WAC Committee that approves the University’s WAC courses and has served on that committee for the past 18 years.  During that time he has contributed not only as a WAC teacher, but also as a presenter and group facilitator during WAC training seminars.

Dr. Adeboye’s research interests encompass Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology, and Number Theory.  However, one could argue that his most powerful theory is his learning theory, for he likes to say, “I believe that within every human is a genius struggling to come out.”

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