guiding students through the thesis / dissertation process

ralph c. gomes, ph.d.

March 12, 2008


Sociology Professor Dr. Ralph Gomes is a three-time winner of the Graduate School’s Ph.D. Productivity Award.   He achieved this status in 1998, 2004, and, most recently, in 2007 when he graduated five Ph.D. candidates.

Having taught in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology for 37 years, Dr. Gomes has learned how to shepherd students through the dissertation, whether he was serving as committee chairman or primary advisor.  He directed the graduate program in his department for approximately 20 years, from 1974 to 1984 and from 1999 until 2007.  During that time he secured several grants to assist graduate students with their research.  Among those grants are Fund for Academic Excellence grants to promote “timely graduation and…research and publication proficiency,” a National Science Foundation grant for “Enabling a Basic Research Culture at HBCUs,” a Center for Urban Progress grant for M.A./Ph.D. degrees in Community Development, and a $1, 500,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to support Howard’s Ph.D. program in Sociology. 

While mentoring young researchers, Dr. Gomes has continued his own research, presenting at innumerable conferences and publishing articles, chapters, and books, including From Exclusion to Inclusion: The Long Struggle for African American Political Power, written with Linda Willliams.  Thus, it is difficult to find anyone more qualified to advise faculty about advising graduate students as they compose their theses and dissertations. 

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