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HU-Learn Mission

HU-Learn is a multi-year initiative housed in the Office of the Provost that will encourage faculty in all of the University's schools and colleges to increase the use of online technology in their courses for the University's on-campus students and to develop a wide array of fully online degree and certificate programs for off-campus students.

The innovations stimulated by HU-Learn will enhance the University's position as an academic leader in the provision of affordable, high-quality learning opportunities for on-campus students, with special attention to the needs of students of color. These innovations will also greatly expand the University's national and international reach to students far beyond its campus walls in the United States and in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and throughout the African Diaspora. (For more information about HU-Learn, see the HU-Learn website.)

HU-Teach Goals

HU-Teach is a subcommittee of HU-Learn and is comprised of HU faculty.  HU-Teach has been charged by the Provost to encourage the creation of courses that are at least 30% online among the University's existing on-campus courses. The University will provide stipends to faculty who submit successful applications, complete the required training, and develop high-quality courses. The program will focus on the development of courses that demonstrate the effective use of online technology at Howard University.  “Effective use” refers to the use of technology that significantly improves teaching, learning, or assessment. Faculty need not invent that technology; rather, they need to harness it so that it helps them meet important instructional objectives.  Therefore, with this program, HU-Teach seeks to emphasize the value of online technology in teaching, learning, and assessment and to provide role models and incentives for professional development.

The goals of HU-Teach are:

In summary, HU-Teach will pay stipends to faculty for two kinds of conversions:

  1. It will pay an initial stipend to faculty to flip traditional face-to-face courses if they move at least 30% of their lectures to the Web (on any platform).  HU-Teach will also pay an initial stipend to faculty who have already flipped at least 30% of their lectures if they flip an additional 30% or more of their lectures to the Web (on any platform).
  2. HU-Teach will pay a second kind of stipend to faculty who convert a course that is already at least 30% online to a 100% online course on Blackboard, the official on-campus LMS. (Note: Courses will still be regarded as 100% online if students are required to take face-to-face tests in proctored locations.)

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